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BlackBerry® PlayBook™ does not come with Chinese input by default, so it is difficult to type This app allows you to use Cangjie, Quick and Pinyin offline on. .. Even on the iPad, it is easy with pinyin input and handwriting recognition.
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You can use the free Google Translate app to translate speech, text, handwriting, and even text in images. It can translate between over 70 languages now and you can have the results spoken aloud.

Available on: This is one of the most popular free language translation apps on iOS and it is now available for Android as well. It has been updated for iOS 7 and has a nice, clear lay out that makes it very easy to use. You get 41 languages as standard and the app is geared towards conversations where each side talks and the app speaks the translation aloud.

You can unlock more languages and specific dialects via in-app purchases. Simple to use and relatively accurate, this is a great choice for iPhone or iPad owners. This one is just for the BlackBerry owners out there, and it made our top ten BB10 apps for a reason.

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This is the obvious choice for anyone rocking a BlackBerry, and it runs on earlier versions of the platform, too. You can translate text, speak into your phone, and hear translations spoken aloud. It also offers the option to snap a photo of a sign or a menu and translate the text within it.

Available on Windows Phone. The Jibbigo app has been around for a while and it features good quality speech recognition and translation. The app will interpret speech or text for more than 25 languages and it provides text and spoken translations in the language of your choice. Interestingly, this app and the team behind it was recently acquired by Facebook. This app connects you with a real live translator who can ensure your message gets across.

You will also need to be connected to your network or Wi-Fi.

8 business card apps for smartphones: Scan 'em and store 'em

It covers over 60 languages and offers document translation and audio transcription as well. The idea is to provide real-time translation services during a phone call. You use the app to call any number worldwide, you can also use your existing contacts, and the app will translate both sides of the call as you speak. The app itself is free, but calls are charged at per minute rates with discounts for subscriptions designed to cater for heavier users. The iOS version does look cleaner than the prosaic field-based Android version. Plus, it has capable scanning and OCR skills.

Scanning and processing a card were reasonably quick.

Display Chinese

The app automatically snaps the picture, which took some getting used to. This also meant that, for a few cards, the autofocus didn't kick in properly. Oddly, when you're done scanning, your choices are less clear. They include Done, Merge Contact for merging that info with an already-existing contact in the database , LinkedIn to download information about that contact from LinkedIn , or View as Text.

You can later view and search the card and your fields from the Card Holder, but I couldn't get the edit card feature to work on Android when I tried it on iOS, it worked fine.

Windows 10 Chinese Handwriting, Speech, and Language Packs :: Pinyin Joe

There are no fields for social media info, and in fact most social media entries were ignored during the scan. Multilingual support is comparatively weak in the Android app: The iOS version of the app is more visual and more functional, with a wider array of features, and adds Danish, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish. Perhaps because of the occasional problems with the autofocus, results were inconsistent. The app successfully converted the verbose layout of a doctor's card, the inverse text card and a high-design glossy card from a gaming company.

The Daily App: iSpeech Translator For BlackBerry PlayBook

But on another card, one that was plainer than most, the text was incorrectly OCR'd and in the wrong places. This app looks better on iOS than Android, and is good for those who prefer a visual prompt and handholding during scans. But other apps offer greater flexibility and accuracy. WCC Chinese Dictionary. Share This Article: This post may contain affiliate links.

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