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In this clip, you'll learn how to jailbreak and unlock an iPhone 3G running . get back to your Cydia apps and enjoy the best of both worlds/ Links: *download.
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Turn it off by this: Just like the fifth one, turn off automatic app downloads with these steps: If you have turned on location service, apps on iPhone will continuously ask for location using cellular data.


How to Speed Up iPhone 3G or 3Gs

So if your network environment is not good enough, iPhone will become slow, hot, or stuck. If not necessary, you can disable this feature: To make your iPhone run faster, restarting could be a great choice: If none of above methods work for making your iPhone faster, you can turn to resetting iPhone: Please notice that this operation will lead to all of your data and settings on iPhone being erased, and irretrievable, unless you have backed up them before.

So before taking this choice, you are highly recommended to try the in-depth solution below firstly. Also Read: If you also own an Apple Mac computer, it is quite necessary to know why it is getting slow and how to make it run faster. Even they restore their phones but still cannot improve the iPhone performance. And these useless junk files consumed too much memory resource when launching apps, browsing the web, or playing big games. Well, is there any other option to go?

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My qn is, Cant you not acheive the same goal by just power cycling the iphone? The information here was worth reading. I learned a lot.

Thank you for the details on how to speed up the processing time of iPhone. Sam, yes power cycling the iPhone will do the same thing, but seeing that it takes minutes for the entire power cycle process, it can be somewhat tedious to do it frequently. Some iPhone users power cycle their phone once a week. We have decided to remove our existing Free Memory 1.

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Is that right Otto? Interesting, but when I open certain apps the second or third time, they open in the same state as when I closed the app. Tony, when you press the home button certain apps save their exit state so that, when opened next time, they look exactly as though they had been running in the background.

How to speedup your slow iPhone 3G… downgrade your OS dum dum!

It saves memory, processing power and most importantly battery power — something the iPhone is not the best at, currently. Those are the main ones which will use up your ram. I didn't really think about doing the above with my 3Gs In fact I didn't know how, I guess practising this could help me alot lately Safari has been locking up on me randomly not too often though but it's a pain when it does happen. Maybe the ram gets used too heavily.

Thanks for the post.

10 Basic Methods for How to Make Your iPhone Faster

Just confirming for those who are curious: This is because the apps do shut down when you close them already. Apple's built-in apps don't even run in the background; they simply use pre-made processes built into the OS to continue certain functionality while you do other things.

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This is about to be expanded with iPhone OS 4. It will still not be true multitasking, which you can currently get by jailbreaking your iPhone and installing the necessary apps. When truly multitasking, iPhone apps pop into and out of existence immediately with no delay, but your RAM usage will be insane. Luckily, there are plist-related 'mods' available to both increase the clock speed of the iphone's processor and bestow upon it virtual memory to allow for more apps to be open at once. Gina says: June 13, at Todd Bradley says: July 31, at M Grech says: August 1, at 9: Forrest says: August 1, at Richard says: Chris says: August 1, at 3: Conni says: August 1, at 7: Babak says: November 17, at 2: Lou says: August 2, at KAD says: August 6, at 4: August 7, at 2: Richard Hastings says: August 7, at Kelly says: August 10, at 3: Karen says: June 27, at 6: August 11, at August 11, at 2: Brendan says: August 15, at 6: August 18, at 5: August 18, at 8: Stef says: August 18, at 2: August 18, at Steve B says: August 19, at 8: August 20, at 5: Julio says: August 22, at 6: Krister says: John D says: September 3, at 3: Iracema says: T BONE says: August 22, at 8: Jonathan says: August 23, at 2: August 23, at 8: Bryan says: August 23, at 9: Ashi says: August 25, at 4: Houston Brown says: August 27, at 3: Stepher says: September 26, at 8: September 1, at 2: September 3, at September 5, at September 8, at September 9, at TempHelp says: September 11, at September 15, at Laura says: September 26, at 1: JB says: October 12, at 7: MJ says: October 13, at Tom says: October 19, at 7: SK says: October 26, at 6: Dale says: October 27, at Mark says: November 4, at 4: Liam Smith says: December 4, at 3: K says: December 5, at VictoriaLeigh says: February 3, at 7: Jon Dack says: February 16, at April 6, at April 27, at 3: Larry says: May 26, at 8: July 18, at 1: RobMac says: July 24, at August 12, at 6: Eric says: September 25, at Doug says: September 11, at 9: AJ says: November 22, at 9: Gandalf says: May 1, at 6: Sreedhar says: July 16, at 5: Improve iPhone Battery Life says: January 19, at 2: Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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