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Google Maps lets you save offline maps on iPhone for free. cell reception or you're traveling abroad and won't have a data connection, Google Maps is king.
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But as the maps load in, you will see that GPS has you pinpointed to your location. When the map loads, start all the way zoomed in and start moving the map around to load in the streets and locations close to you. Zoom out a little and repeat the steps. Zoom out a little more and move the maps around to load in more detailed views.

Keep doing this as you incrementally zoom out. Google maps uses bitmaps so you have to pre-cache a lot of levels or you may not get a smooth map when offline.

Download areas and navigate offline - iPhone & iPad - Google Maps Help

Though Apple maps is a good fall back, so pre-cache with that app as well. Now, secondly, search all the destinations you are going to and repeat the same steps. This way, you have maps loaded up for those areas too. Load up just the zoomed in views within a few blocks of where you are going.

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You can zoom far out to get a loaded in map of the overall area. GPS your way from destination to destination. Lastly, generate GPS directions from your current location to your first major destination. Use walking, or driving, or metro results — however you plan to get there.

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This way, if you have to walk back, you have the way loaded in. Then go back to the start and click to start the GPS talking directions and begin your journey.

Use offline maps

Once there, find a new wif signal and GPS your next destination and continue. Make sure to zoom in and zoom out to load all views, or when offline, you may have partially loaded maps. Here is a map, with my location pinpointed, fully loaded. This is how it will look when offline. Take advantage of offline functionality: This will allow you to navigate any area using the little blue dot that shows you where you are.

Pre-load directions: Next time you do one of those Facebook posts asking your friends for recommendations for your upcoming trip to Reykjavik, your next step should be to immediately load all of the responses into a custom Google map using the My Maps feature. You can plot places you might like to visit based on what you see on blogs, recommendations, and Instagram posts in the run up to your trip.

Tap the map you want to delete. Tap Delete. Select an area. In the top right, tap Edit. Update the area name and tap Save. Update offline maps Offline maps that you downloaded on your phone or tablet need to be updated before they expire. From the notification In the "Update offline maps" notification, tap Update Now. Tap the expired or expiring map on the list.

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Tap Update. The offline map will update.

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